LIT-300: Literary Theory at SNHU | Daniel M. Clark

LIT-300: Literary Theory at SNHU

My studies covered literary theories like Marxism, New Criticism, and Formalism way back in LIT-200, and LIT-300 is merely more of the same. Like I said about LIT-200, it’s a lot. Take heart, though, because any student who did well in that course should have no trouble here.

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ENG-350: The English Language at SNHU

ENG-350: The English Language at SNHU

I’m the kind of person who listens to podcasts about language, like Word Matters from Merriam-Webster, so this class should have been right up my alley. And it was! Except when it wasn’t. Hold on, I’ll explain.

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SNHU Discussion Formatting | Daniel M. Clark

SNHU Online: Formatting a Discussion Post

Ever notice that posts written outside of Brightspace look terrible? The font is usually tiny, paragraphs sometimes aren’t spaced correctly, and citations look terrible.

I was tired of my posts looking bad, so I decided to fix the problem.

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