ENG-329: Fiction Writing Workshop at SNHU | Daniel M. Clark

ENG-329: Fiction Writing Workshop at SNHU

Finally. I’d been looking forward to this class for over a year and it did not disappoint. I enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University to become a better writer. To my mind, everything so far either built up to this or was merely a delay. ENG-226 and ENG-340 had some great writing opportunities, but ENG-329 was the first class to focus exclusively on writing and peer workshops.

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LIT-319: Shakespeare - SNHU | Daniel M. Clark

LIT-319: Shakespeare at SNHU

It’s about what you’d expect from a 300-level course simply titled “Shakespeare.” There’s a lot of reading, a lot of writing, and for a lot of us, a lot of frustration. I think most of what I didn’t like comes down to the pacing of the course and the scope of the project.

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LIT-229: World Mythology at SNHU | Daniel M. Clark

LIT-229: World Mythology at SNHU

Like a history class, I thought that World Mythology might be a great source of inspiration for my own stories. Where HIS-200 failed to be engaging, I did find World Mythology to be interesting, a bit challenging, and even fun.

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ENG-340 at Southern New Hampshire University | Daniel M. Clark

ENG-340: Context of Writing at SNHU

English 340 was a roller coaster of a class for me—and not like the little kiddie coasters. This could be a premium ride at Six Flags. Super high highs, super low lows, corkscrews, and at one point I was pretty sure I was upside-down.

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