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SNHU Online: Random Bits II – Electric Boogaloo

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I looked up common questions people are asking according to Google, and in an effort to separate facts from opinions, I'll . . . separate facts from opinions. Turns out, it's not that hard. More people should try it.


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That title is funny if you're over forty.

I looked up common questions people are asking according to Google, and in an effort to separate facts from opinions, I'll . . . separate facts from opinions. Turns out, it's not that hard. More people should try it.

Is SNHU a Legit School?

Fact. Yes! Southern New Hampshire University was founded in 1932 and has served hundreds of thousands of students over the years. It's an accredited, private, nonprofit university.

Opinion. Still yes. People often use “legit” to mean “worth it,” and SNHU is worth the time and financial investment provided a student puts forth the effort to succeed. I have yet to encounter an instructor, advisor, or support staffer who isn't interested in quality education and the success of the students.

How Much Does SNHU Online Cost?

Fact. A bit less than $1,000 per course, although that can change a little depending on the degree program and associated expenses unique to some courses. That number also doesn't include books or the technology needed to access the courses (which is, at minimum, an internet connection and a personal computer (Mac or PC)). Each course is eight weeks long, so it's roughly $500 a month per course. Many students take two classes at a time.

Opinion. Student loans have a bad reputation, but they're a tool. Handled properly, they're wonderful. Students often forget about—or overlook—financial aid opportunities beyond loans. Students can reduce the cost of a college education with a bit of research into scholarships and grants.

Opinion. The cost of books isn't that bad. True, there are $200 textbooks in the world. Not every course requires one. The textbook for the course I'm taking as I write this is available through the school bookstore and Amazon for $15. Another, 100 Years of the Best American Short Stories, is used across two classes, bringing the cost of the book down to just about $13 per class.

Where is SNHU Located?

Fact. SNHU Online is located wherever you are. The Southern New Hampshire University physical campus is located between Manchester and Hooksett, New Hampshire.

Opinion. I've not visited the campus, but New Hampshire is wonderful, and everyone must go there at least once—ideally in the fall for the foliage or the winter for the skiing. Or in the spring. Or summer. Anytime, really.

I miss living in New England.

Is SNHU Online Accredited?

Fact. Yes! SNHU is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. In the school's words, “(NECHE) is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a reliable authority on the quality of education for the institutions it accredits.” This is the real deal.

Opinion. Accreditation matters, but so does reputation. SNHU is moving into a space traditionally held by places like the University of Phoenix and other for-profit schools. SNHU is a private, non-profit school and deserves consideration not as “just another online college” but as a quality university that offers students a distance learning experience.

Opinion. I got my Associates from a for-profit school. It was a diploma mill and a massive waste of money. Steer clear of for-profit schools. Being non-profit doesn't automatically make a school awesome, but being for-profit absolutely does ruin its reputation (and deservedly so).

Is SNHU a Good Online College?

Fact. “Good” is subjective. Southern New Hampshire University is an accredited, private, non-profit university that has serviced hundreds of thousands of people since 1932. Does that make it a good college?

Opinion. With a few minor exceptions, my experience has been extraordinarily positive. The instructors have been supportive, the materials have been (again, with a few exceptions) educational, and the school has made every effort to make me feel valued. I get regular check-in phone calls from my advisor, and she has taken my feedback and requests seriously.

I have good grades, I feel like I earned them, and I believe they are valuable.

Yes, SNHU is a good online college.

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