Musings of a Middle-Aged College Student: Motivation

I have two discussion responses due on Sunday. Likewise, my final project milestone 3 is due for LIT-319. And the first draft of my short story for ENG-329. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to publish a recap here of my third term.

The to-do list at my day job isn't getting any smaller. I need to clean and organize the garage woodshop. The old trampoline in the backyard needs to be broken down and discarded. In all, there are a dozen projects around the house that need completing.

I don't lack for things to do, yet I have no desire to do any of them.

The list for tonight already exists:

  1. Course recap post
  2. LIT-319 milestone 3
  3. ENG-329 story draft

That's it. One's for tomorrow, but I have until Sunday for the other two.

There's no moral to the story. I'm not going to bust out some cure for procrastination, or organization, or time management, or motivation.

I'm writing this so that other students understand it's not just them.

I'll get the work done by the due dates; I always do. But there are times like tonight when everything feels like a massive burden and I sit here frozen.

It happens.

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