I Have a Charming Way with Words. So Sayeth the Fortune Cookie.

I Have a Charming Way With Words

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Good lord, this thing is still here.

I mean, I kind of suspected it was still here. Email sent to @danielmclark.com addresses still shows up in my email app. The website just sort of… lurked… at the edge of my consciousness for the past—HOLY SHIT IT'S BEEN FOUR YEARS?!

Alright, look, I hate it when bloggers and podcasters and other content creators apologize for being away. They write a long screed about where they've been and why they've been there. I won't subject you to that. It would bore you, anyway. I got burned out on what I was doing, I went to work for Greg Hoffman Consulting (now Apogee) and here we are. Done. That's the last four years.

Today, let's talk about this goddamn fortune cookie.

Look at that thing. That stupid thing. Mocking me.

You have a charming way with words. You should write a book!

I don't know whether to laugh or scream. Laugh? I guess? I mean, I know I shouldn't take it seriously. Right? I shouldn't. I mean, I've been stalking this idea of being a novelist for oh, twenty-five years, and I shouldn't take a fortune cookie seriously.

And yet.

It's a hell of a coincidence.

The timing is extraordinarily suspect. I started writing again about a month ago. I started revamping this website about two weeks ago. We go for Chinese food once, maybe twice a month. Last night, I took my son to dinner and I had a 50% chance of grabbing the cookie that had the message about writing a book. That is a coincidence of galactic proportions.

Maybe it's not mocking me. Maybe I'm supposed to take it seriously.

Perhaps I do have a charming way with words!

You can't see me right now, but I'm rolling my eyes just so hard.

Coming up…

Like apologizing for being gone, I'm also not a fan of laying out future plans. I've done that. A lot. It almost always falls through to some degree or another. Seriously, look at the last thing I posted, in 2013. The final dumbass sentence: “And there’s another post coming this afternoon.” There was no other post that afternoon. The hell, right?

I have only a few things that I'm willing to say out loud right now with any amount of certainty.

First, I'm writing again. I have stories lined up. They are in progress. I have written words.

Second, this fall I will be posting short fiction most Fridays. Anywhere from 300 to 3,000 words. I will set most of it in an original universe I'm creating. Some of it will take place here in the so-called “real” world.

Third, I'll be blogging a bit more. A bit more than every four years? Yes, a bit more than that. Once or twice a week. I have some articles ready to go for a head start.

Fourth, the website design is very much in flux right now. The new theme, I'm not crazy about, kinda bland. Pages are missing. This is night-and-weekend stuff. It'll happen between writing and family time, but it will get done.

I was going to hold off posting anything until I finished the revamp, but honestly, I'm a tinkerer. I will likely never finish. And this fortune cookie was just too much. There was no way I could sit on it. I'd go crazy.

See you next week.



  1. Accountability matters. Now I need to start my personal blog again. We could be blogging buddies. We can link to each other comment back and forth and report it as engagement. Then charge fees. Wait, nevermind. I’m glad you are back. As a fan, I’ll nag you to keep writing.

    1. Author

      Nag, nag, nag. That’s all I ever get from you.

      Yeah, do it. Start your personal blog again. It’ll be fun—and profitable. I like this idea about charging fees. We should explore that.

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