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I wrote a while back about giving up on Woot.com and my introduction to Yugster.com, a similar, deals-based site. Yugster's primary difference is that three (sort of) deals are going on at any given time. Registered members get the daily deal, a purchasable preview of the following day's deal, and the Yours-Until-Gone deal, which is a single item that remains available until it sells out.

I've made three purchases from Yugster since August 25th, shortly after I discovered the site:

1. Pair of four-port USB 2.0 Mini Hubs for $9.98 (shipping included).
2. Ambico 32-CD Cobra Series Media Wallet for $5.95 (shipping included).
3. Yugster Surprise Bundle for $15.00 (shipping included).

It's that last item that I really want to talk about. The USB hub and the CD wallet were delivered promptly and in perfect condition – nothing extremely noteworthy beyond the exceptional price. The Surprise Bundle though… well, it was a surprise.

Much like Woot.com offers the “Bag of Crap” in which 3-5 random items are shipped to the customer, the Surprise Bundle from Yugster offered “at least four useful items” for $10 plus $5 shipping. A random number of packages included $50 gift cards to merchants such as Best Buy and Shell gas stations. I ordered one. I love surprises.

In my Yugster Surprise Bundle I recieved five items:

1. A mouse pad with a picture of a large breaking wave on it.
2. Fellowes Cellular Phone Cleaning Wipes (64 pack).
3. iPod car charger (no brand).
4. Case Logic MP3 player case with arm band.
5. Merkury (not a typo) Secure Digital Memory Card Reader – USB2.0.

All in all, a package probably worth at least $15, so I don't feel ripped off. On the other hand, these are items that I probably never would have bought on my own, either because I have no real use for them (the mouse pad, the wipes) or because I already have something similar (the iPod charger, the memory card reader). The MP3 player case, with the picture of the iPod on the packaging, doesn't fit my iPod – the stem of the headphone makes it too tall for the case.

The package wasn't a box, it was a padded envelope which had taken on significant damage in transit. In fact, there was a giant hole on one edge and the phone cleaning wipes box was sticking halfway out. If there was one of those random gift cards in my package, it fell out at some point. I'd like to see Yugster change their shipping practices.

All in all, I'm mildly pleased with Yugster – pleased enough to recommend them at least. Let's see what they can do to impress me from here on out.

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