Webuquerque Folks, We’re Playin’ a Game!

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Coming up on December 6th is the First Annual Webuquerque Holiday Party Extravaganz-o-rama Blowout Bash of Fun. I don't know if that's the real name of it or not, but it sounds festive, doesn't it? The event is being organized by Webuquerque regular Chris Kenworthy (skyhawk133), and he's asked me to help out by putting together a little game we can play. It's a Who's Who game, in which everyone submits a little tidbit, a little factoid about themselves, and the rest of us have to figure out who the factoid is about.

For example, if one of the questions on the sheet is “Who, as of October, is a published author with Peachpit?”, each participant would try to figure out that the answer is Webuquerque co-founder Emily Lewis.

Fun, right? Who doesn't love party games?

So, my fellow Webuquerque attendees, what I need from you is a little factoid about yourself that you'd like us to put on the sheet. Have a hobby? Any interests? Did you present at Webuquerque? Do you have a pulse? If so, there's something you can contribute. Shoot me a DM on Twitter, email me via the contact form here at the site, or, if you know my phone number, give me a call.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the party! Here's the real info:

December 6, 2009 6:30pm9:30pm
“That's How We Roll”
at Roller Skate City, 400 Paisano St NE Albuquerque, NM 87123

From the Facebook group:

Join us in celebrating the holidays and the end of our first year with a return to the good ol' days, when your biggest concern was finding a partner for couple's skate.

That's right. We're going roller skating!

Admission is $6. Traditional 4-wheel skate rental is $2.

Adults only.

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