Twitter: Google Killer?

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Okay, maybe not a true Google killer, but allow me to share what just happened to me.

I installed the new version of iTunes earlier today, and I noticed a little while ago that the annoying little store links were showing up again in the tracks. Even more annoyingly, it seems Apple has removed the option in the Preferences to not display those silly arrows. My first instinct was to go a Google search, which, (probably since iTunes was just released,) turned up nothing. Then I thought, maybe someone on Twitter is talking about it. I went to and searched for “itunes link store” and the second tweet I was showed had a link to a web page that described how to get rid of the stupid arrows.

Twitter, FTW.

Incidentally, if you're running iTunes 8 on a Mac and want to get rid of the store links, it's a one-line copy/paste into a Terminal window to take care of it. Check out (thanks to @pjbeardsley).

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