The strangest affiliate program email in a long time…

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So, just a few minutes ago, I got this in my inbox:

To Daniel Clark:

As a participant in one of Newegg?s Advertiser Programs offered through Commission Junction, you may be aware that Newegg does not accept affiliates into any of its Advertiser Programs if the affiliates have sales tax nexus with North Carolina or Rhode Island.

An affiliate has sales tax nexus with a particular state if the affiliate has either (a) an office, residence or other physical presence in that state, or (b) activities in that state by the affiliate, its employees or a person or business with which it has some sort of contractual or agency relationship, which are sufficient to require the affiliate to collect and remit that state?s sales tax under state and federal law.

Based upon the information you have provided to us, we have determined that you do not have sales tax nexus with either North Carolina or Rhode Island and are treating you accordingly. However, please notify us immediately if you have nexus with either of these states.

Thank you for your cooperation

Hideaki Kondo
Affiliate Marketing Manager

Did they just really send me an email to tell me that they double checked and found that I'm not in a state where I'd have nexus? I dig NewEgg, and I'm sure Hideaki Kondo is a nice person; this just struck me as, well, odd.


  1. I got the same email and cocked my head to the side with a “WTF?” look on my face as I read it.

    What kills me is that they’re on CJ and CJ TELLS you what state people are in. So there’s no need to send this email to us (you in TX and me in CA). There’s not even a reason to send this email to NC and RI affiliates since they shouldn’t be in the program anyway.

    SO really, what purpose did this serve?

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