The past week of my life has been amazing.

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Last Friday, August 13th, I flew up to New York City to attend two events: Audience Conference and Affiliate Summit East 2010.

Most of what I wrote while there was posted over at Geek Dads Weekly, but before I give you the links, check this out:

Caroline's in New York City

That's me on stage at Carolines. Yeah, that Carolines. I can't say I killed 'em, and I almost got yanked off stage when I said I was going to pitch something (a bad turn of phrase – I wasn't really pitching anything, just announcing a charity project). But I can say that I was on-stage at Carolines, which is pretty damn cool.

Okay, here are some links to what I wrote while in New York. There's still more to be written, especially about Audience Conference, and I'll update with links to those posts later on.


  1. It was a great thing to spend time with you and record Geek Dads Weekly Live. Thanks for saving that one. The Apple Store trip was fun too.

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