Southwest FTW – Again!

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Last September, I wrote a bit about a travel reservation mix-up that I had with Southwest Airlines and how they were super cool about fixing it for me. I wrote that they had earned my respect after the way I was treated by the customer service representatives that I spoke to. Well, they just did it again!

I wasn't booking the “October trip” (shh, it's a secret – for now) like I was last year, but it's related to that. You see, that October trip, I just found out, is scheduled this year for the one weekend that I already had booked for a family trip. I really want to participate in that event, so I decided to call up Southwest and move things around; my family is flexible.

I figured it would be tricky because I had redeemed a Rapid Rewards ticket for me and paid a promotional rate for Angela and Winter. Ian, presumably because he's an infant and doesn't have a job, isn't required to pay for a ticket.

I called the toll free number, and discovered my favorite new telephone practice: the automated callback. A pleasant voice told me that my wait time would be between 14 and 21 minutes, and that if I punched in my phone number, they would call me back and I wouldn't lose my place in line. Considering I was calling from a cell phone? Hell yeah! Thank you, Southwest, for saving me some cell minutes.

I got a call from Southwest after about 15 minutes or so, and a very nice representative was able to work a little magic and reschedule everything. There was no fee to make the changes, and no hassles. You know, sometimes a company does something right and deserves to be spotlighted for it. Well done, Southwest Airlines.

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