Rush – Snakes and Arrows MVI (DVD-Album) Delay

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It's already been delayed once, but now the Snakes & Arrows "special edition" MVI (DVD-Album) has been delayed again – to June 5th. Like I said in my previous article, I'm a Rush fan going back nearly 20 years, so naturally, I bought the standard CD version and pre-ordered the MVI (DVD-Album) version. Hey, what can I say – the pre-ordered MVI (through will ship with a t-shirt… how could I possibly pass that up?

Well, I recieved an email from MusicToday, who handled the pre-ordering.

Hey Rush Fans,

Thanks so much for all of your support. The charts came out this week and the CD debuted at Number 3!


Atlantic Records has changed the release date for the MVI (formerly DVD-Album) version of "Snakes & Arrows". It will now be released on June 5. Your order will ship to you on or around Friday, June 1. Your original shipping method will still apply. No one will be receiving this special release prior to this date. Any order containing the MVI version will not ship until this date. Please note that the nature of pre-order sales prohibits cancellations or modifications.

For more information on the MVI please visit

Well, all I can say is: a big Colbert-style wag of my finger to Atlantic Records. According to, the reason given by Atlantic is "production issues". At this late stage? The album was completed months ago. I know that MVI is a new technology (sort of), but to me, that does not excuse this delay or the one prior. Besides, Linkin Park's MVI is coming out in less than a week (on time by the way). If they weren't on separate labels, I'd point my finger at pushing Rush's disc back just so that Linkin Park's could be first to market.

What is MVI (DVD-ALBUM)?

According to the summary at

What Is MVI? With a higher storage capacity than a standard CD, the Music Video Interactive Disc (MVI) contains new interactive features including, superior sound quality, a wide range of video features, and interactive digital content. MVI discs play in all standard DVD players, computers, and game consoles with DVD drives but do not play in conventional CD players. Digital music files are compatible with all MP3 devices.

At Barnes & Noble, it's described thusly:

MVI stands for Music Video Interactive. These DVD albums include a wide range of video and interactive content. The DVD/MVI plays in standard DVD players, computers, and game consoles with DVD drives. It does NOT play in CD players.

Yet another contender for the "I'm gonna replace CD's!" crown, it'll play in your various DVD players, computers – anything with a standard DVD drive. What then, do they mean by being compatible with all MP3 devices? Since the high-quality song tracks are protected and can't be ripped (yet… just wait), the MVI also includes down-mixed versions of all the songs in a standard (what they call "pre-ripped) format. You can copy those tracks to your iPod, yes – but you can't copy the super-duper 5.1 surround-sound 96kHz/24-bit audio tracks.

So why are the labels calling this MVI instead of DVD-Album now? My opinion is that they felt as if "DVD-Album" would be either confusing to consumers (as there has been a "DVD-Audio" format failing in the marketplace for some years) or that consumers would be confused as to why a hour's worth of music would need to be on a DVD (not realizing that there would be extras on the disc just like a movie DVD). Best, they probably thought, to make up a new acronym to make it stand out and avoid any confusion. MVI sums it up quite well – Music Video Interactive. Well… I guess "interactive" might be a stretch, but movie makers have called putting web links on a movie DVD "interactive" for years, so I suppose it should be tolerated.


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