Podcasting 101: Make Your Voice Heard

In My Life by Daniel M. Clark

I've been invited to present at February's SynerQue meeting here in Albuquerque on the topic of podcasting. My first planned speaking gig – cool! Here are the details I wrote up, reprinted from the SynerQue announcement.

In the Dark Ages (what historians call “The 20th Century”), radio was a dominating force in mass media. Educated and specially-trained on-air talent used their voices to communicate with millions of listeners. Radio itself was dominated by a very small number of voices and it was difficult, though admittedly not impossible, for someone to break in and host their own show. The FCC has long been concerned about pirate radio (as seen in the Christian Slater documentary, Pump Up the Volume). Radio stations seemed intent on keeping the on-air talent limited to people that actually had talent. Thankfully, the Internet has changed all that. Enter: PODCASTING.

At this month’s SynerQue meeting, blogger and podcaster Daniel M. Clark will share his insight and experience in setting up and running a podcast. From equipment to software to marketing the show, he will give tips and advice, and actually record a show during the meeting. It’s far, far easier than you might think. Got $20 and a computer? You can be a podcaster!

Seriously, it’s been a fun intro, but if you’re interested in recording podcasts, this presentation will get you going in the right direction.

  • Choosing a topic and planning a show
  • The equipment you need, microphones, computers (Mac and Windows users welcome)
  • The software you’ll use to record, edit and upload the audio
  • The cost you should expect to pay (it really is about $20)
  • How to get the podcast into the iTunes directory
  • Ideas for promoting your show
  • A few ways to monetize your podcast and make a few bucks

In addition, there are prizes! There are two prizes that will go to one winner (we’ll be doing a drawing, so bring a business card (or some other identifying card), and there’s something for everyone that shows up, too.

  • One winner will receive a free headset/microphone combo (model to be determined, valued around $20) to get started. The winner will also be invited to be a guest on the Geek Dads Weekly podcast! Talk about yourself, your business, or maybe the new podcast that you’re sure to begin!
  • Everyone at the presentation who drops a card and runs a website will get a link from both GeekDadsWeekly.com and DanielMClark.com when the show being recorded at the meeting gets posted. Don’t have a website? A link to a Twitter or Facebook account can be done instead.

Come on out, it’ll be fun – and you might discover that you’re a natural at podcasting!