Black Friday: Update

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Not only did I not participate in the insanity, I slept until noon. Haven’t done that in years. Felt good. Can’t wait to see the news reports tonight of people getting trampled in stores trying to get 20% off on a toy. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a few broken bones. Tags:black friday,insane americans

Black Friday: More Insane Than Ever

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So, I’m watching TV tonight and a commercial for JCPenny comes on. They do their whole “shop with us on Friday for killer deals on all kinds of stuff you think you need to buy” and wrap up by announcing that they’re opening their doors at FOUR IN THE MORNING. When the hell did this start happening? Seriously, four in …

Led Zeppelin Available for Download: About Damn Time

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How long as iTunes been around? Rhapsody? Napster? I don’t know why it took so long to get the Led Zeppelin catalog online, and I don’t care. It’s finally available! My music source of choice is usually Rhapsody, but they’re missing a couple of albums – you can’t download Led Zeppelin IV or The Song Remains the Same and that’s …

Cherry Flavored Pickles: The Koolickle Experiment

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Getting tired of artificially flavored popsicles and ice cream sandwiches? How about a nice, cool, refreshing, artificially flavored pickle instead? I first saw the so-called Koolickle on an episode of Feasting on Asphalt 2: The River Run, one of the four hundred and twelve shows that Alton Brown does for the Food Network. Don’t get me wrong, Alton is the …

More “Fun” with Fortune Cookies

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Earlier this year I wrote a little piece about fortune cookies. Go ahead and read that. I’ll wait. Back so soon? Okay, well, my daughter and I had lunch today at Chow’s Asian Bistro at the Cottonwood Mall here in Albuquerque. I know, I shouldn’t be surprised at anything that comes out of a mall restaurant, but cut me some …

A New Van Halen Tour – Does Anyone Care?

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A Van Halen tour with David Lee Roth as lead singer was announced last month and I can sum up my feelings about it thusly: *yawn* Does anyone still care about this band? To my mind, they’ve squandered any goodwill they might have once had with the public, and the attention they’ve been getting from the media over the past …