Official Google Blog: Taking rogue pharmacies to court

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So this morning we filed a civil lawsuit in federal court against advertisers we believe have deliberately broken our rules.

~Official Google Blog: Taking rogue pharmacies to court.

It's hard to imagine that Google doesn't realize what douchebags this makes them sound like. I'm all for getting these kinds of pharma companies (as mentioned in the article) out of the search results. I'm all for the proper authorities working to take those companies down. What I'm not in favor of is setting a precedent that says not playing by Google's rules is somehow illegal. Google policies are not law.

There's a sign at my local McDonalds that says, in effect, “no shirt, no shoes, no service”. They can throw me out of the restaurant if I come in without a shirt on. What they can't do, is take me to court for breaking their rule.


  1. I have to agree with you. None of us like opening our mail or getting search results about Viagra but since when has it become illegal to break Google’s policies? I am a Google guy myself. I use a lot of services they provide and I do it legally but this really grips me.I do not think Google should have the right to bring litigation against these rouge pharmacies. The authorities should be notified and Google should make policies and ban them from their servers and services but what right do they have to litigate?

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