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New York City is Not for Me

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As I sat down to write this, my first inclination was to trash New York City. “I hate it here!” I'd say. Then I remembered that's ridiculous. I've barely been out of Manhattan in the five or six times that I've been here for Affiliate Summit East (as I am now). Okay, then. “I hate Manhattan! I'm over it!” I'd say. Then I remembered that I've barely been out of Times Square, really.

I don't hate New York, or Manhattan, or even Times Square to be honest. Some of what I'm feeling right now is post-conference exhaustion, some of it is disappointment in Hotel Edison. Much of it is supreme disappointment that I have been unable to write since I've been here. Not a word. And that, I think, is what is powering the “I'm over New York… or Manhattan… or Times Square—WHATEVER” that I'm feeling right now.

During my downtime, I tried to write and came up short. I thought maybe it was the room, so I left the room. Walking the streets, the only idea that came to me was to get the hell off the street.

I'm not built for this town. Or at least, not this part of town. Maybe I'd fare better in Brooklyn. Or Queens. Or one of the other boroughs. I don't know.

Some writers thrive here and more power to them. I'd ask them how they do it, but I'm only here once a year for five days.

Tomorrow I head to a family reunion in Virginia. It's in the middle of nowhere, on a lake, at a resort. I can't think of too many places that would be much the opposite of Times Square.

Let's see if I can write while I'm there.

[Update, 10:30 pm]

I had dinner with my cousin Andrew and his girlfriend earlier tonight. I walked a mile and a half down to Mexicue on 8th and 18th and I take back what I said about walking the streets. Turns out, I don't like walking the streets around Times Square. Walking down to 18th was great. And I have an idea for a new story.

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