No More Complaining About Foursquare

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…at least, for TweetDeck users.

I've just installed the latest update to the venerable Twitter client, version 0.34.2. Apparently, the 0.34 line was released back in March, but being as far ahead of the curve as I am, it's like I'm behind it. Actually, I am behind it. Well, whatever. The software just told me today that there was an update, so it's new to me. <shrug>

Significant to this release is the addition of Global Filters, a feature that I've been praying for since I started using the software eons ago (in internet terms, anyway). What makes Global Filters so powerful is the ability to filter out tweets according to their source. Previous filter efforts in TweetDeck limited users to filtering by tweet content.

One of the loudest complaints I hear from people is that FourSquare updates on Twitter bug them. Well kids, here's your out. Start using TweetDeck.

TweetDeck's new Global Filter setting

TweetDeck - Settings -> Global Filter

I'm not one to complain too much about FourSquare, what really bugs me is blog headlines that are forced into my stream via TwitterFeed. With the new TweetDeck Global Filter, I can hide them. Of course, this means I won't see 95% of what Jim Kukral posts to Twitter, but that's okay. I'd much rather read what Jim cares to write himself than what TwitterFeed puts out in his name. Those tweets are far, far more valuable.

On the flip side? If you really like FourSquare, TweetDeck now has integration with both that service and Google Buzz.

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