Ocean Mist of the Mountain

New in the Library: Ocean Mist of the Mountain

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“What you have to understand is that fairies don't want to hurt anyone.”

One fairy decides that might not be the best policy. New in the library is a short story, just over a thousand words, starring a fairy called Ocean Mist who lives on a mountain. This young fairy worries that she'll lose her tree when the big folk get too near. She doesn't want to lose her home, thank-you-very-much, and decides to take rather unfairy-like measures.

Read Ocean Mist of the Mountain here.

On Friday July 21st, author Chuck Wendig posted a challenge to Twitter.

I'd heard of InspiroBot before. It made the rounds on Facebook but I'd dismissed it as a novelty and didn't realize its true potential: story prompts. Ridiculous story prompts. The challenge was simple. Generate a meme or quote from InspiroBot and use it as a prompt for a story of about a thousand words. Post the story on our own sites and link to it from the comments on Chuck's challenge page. Discuss.

I wrote Ocean Mist of the Mountain on Saturday, edited on Sunday, and submitted on Monday. Chuck released it from the moderation queue today and my link is there in the comments now.

And here it is. Hope you like it.

Oh. My InspiroBot prompt. This. You'll understand later.

InspiroBot - Make an impact on a pope. | Daniel M. Clark

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