New Guns N’ Roses… Meh.

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Two GNR-related posts in one week? Let me see… yeah, there's my picture… there's my logo… this is definitely my website. Huh. Whaddayaknow?

My initial reaction to hearing the new Guns N' Roses tracks was a definitive “meh”. I wasn't impressed, and my expectations were close to zero. I heard about it, coincidentally, on the night that my cousin's GNR cover band was performing on Letterman. I gave Chinese Democracy a spin on MySpace, where the entire album is posted for your pirating – I mean, listening – pleasure.

Axl's voice has matured, and while Geddy Lee of Rush, for example, has aged gracefully, Axl just sounds old. It's been over twenty years since the classic Appetite For Destruction, and this record makes that point in a fairly negative way. There will certainly be a significant number of die-hards that defend the album with fanboy intensity. Those that aren't fanboys will likely give the album a bland reception. Over the next few days and weeks, I fully expect there to be a chorus of “it took them a decade to make this?”

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