Untitled Haley Wingfield Novel

Life as a bounty hunter with her mother and her mother's bastard boyfriend has never been easy on 19-year-old magician Haley Wingfield. When the Bank of Unbar offers a contract to kill a vampire in the capital of the sovereignty, Haley tries to turn it down. If only she'd succeeded.

Fantasy adventure.

14% Complete
10,800 of 80,000 words

The Last King of Avven (Novel)

Initiate Vala Moore and her master, Vincze Rhode, strike out on a journey to stop the deposition of the king and end up embroiled in a plot with global repercussions.

Fantasy adventure.

22% Complete
17,500 of 80,000 words

Irene, Horseman of the Apocalypse (Pilot Ep.)

War, Horseman of the Apocalypse, wants to retire. Enter Irene, a pacifist from Atlanta. When War transfers his power to Irene, giving her the power to cause chaos wherever she goes, Irene must choose between destiny and her beliefs.

Comedic drama.

30% Complete
9 of 30 Pages

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