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Success With CafePress.com - Daniel M. Clark


Success With CafePress.com

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It’s been many years since I’ve even thought of this book, much less talked about it. I had spent about two years as a CafePress “shopkeeper,” a designer and seller of custom designs set on t-shirts, hats, mugs, and the rest of the products CafePress offered. During that time, I sold a fair number of items and became quite knowledgeable about the company and its workings. In 2005, I was offered a community moderator position in their support forums, and I accepted. I also created a three-part online tutorial for new shopkeepers. In the forums one day, a shopkeeper said that someone should write a book about all this, so, I figured I would. I pitched the idea to CafePress, and they liked it. I wrote the book, and they printed and fulfilled orders for it in paperback. As I write this in 2013 (and update it in 2022!), it is long out of print and very obsolete, sadly.

2006 Promo Text

Do you have a website, organization, or club that you want to promote with custom gear? Are you already one of the millions of shopkeepers with the CafePress.com service?

Success with CafePress.com is your guide to getting started with and making the most of the premier internet source for print-on-demand products. If you've not yet joined, this text will walk you through every step of signing up and getting rolling. If you're a member already, this text will give you advanced concepts and customization tips & tricks for your Premium shop.

From interviews with co-founders Fred Durham and Maheesh Jain to discussions of the affiliate program and marketing; from image optimization to search engine optimization, writer and CafePress.com shopkeeper Daniel M. Clark takes you through the steps necessary to make your visions a reality.

Table of Contents

  • Special Super Secret Surprise Bonus Chapter!: Black Shirts
  • Part I: The Company
    • Chapter 1: A Brief History Of CafePress.com
    • Chapter 2: Q & A With The CafePress.com Team
    • Chapter 3: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Part II: Succeeding With CafePress.com
    • Chapter 4: Setting Up Shop, Understanding The Mechanics, and Creating Products
    • Chapter 5: Production
    • Chapter 6: Optimizing Your Images
    • Chapter 7: Optimizing Your Meta Data
    • Chapter 8: Marketing
    • Chapter 9: The CafePress Affiliate Program
    • Chapter 10: Ten Unpopular Truths
  • Part III: Customizing Premium Shops
    • Chapter 11: Introduction To The Premium Shop
    • Chapter 12: Templates And Colors & Fonts
    • Chapter 13: Custom Html
    • Chapter 14: Premium Shop Tips & Tricks
  • Part IV: Appendix

Publisher: Daniel M. Clark (as Hectic Studios)
Available in: Paperback
Published: March 1, 2006

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