Ignoring Blogging’s So-Called Experts

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Over the years I’ve read conflicting advice about running a website or blog. Some so-called gurus say that a blogger absolutely must post something no less than daily. Others maintain that three times per week is sufficient. A few will tell you that three times per day is the best way to go. I’ve read that a blogger must post on the same day(s) every week, at the same time every day, on Tuesdays after 11pm, Thursdays after 6am or Saturdays at noon. None of these “experts” can seem to agree with each other, so I’m going to go with the advice I was given when I started building websites for myself over a decade ago[1].

I’ll post something when I have something to say. With all the noise and garbage on the internet, do I really need to add my own inane ramblings?

I wish more people would ask themselves that question before publishing. After all, didn’t we learn as children that just because you can doesn’t mean you should?

“Yes, Timmy, I know you can ramp your bike over your little sister, but that doesn’t mean you should.”

They’ll tell me I won’t build an audience fast enough. Or that if I don’t optimize my SEO efforts[2], Google won’t come ’round as often. But if most of what I ever posted was unfiltered bullshit just to have something fresh on the site, would you really enjoy that? If you’re anything like me, and I know I am, you don’t stick around sites that are full of… well, filler. Not everything needs to be deep and meaningful, but it should all have a purpose beyond “sticking to a schedule”.

So, why haven’t I posted anything in a few weeks?

Because I haven’t had anything to say.

Today I do.

(And there’s another post coming this afternoon.)

  1. The earliest archived version of my first site is dated May 16, 2001. The site was live for about a year before that snapshot was recorded, to the best of my recollection. Ironically, it was to be a site related to writing. Twelve years and a dozen sidetracks later, here we are back to writing. (And yes, I was seriously going to use Dante Michaels as a pseudonym and I'm not even a character in a romance novel.)  ↩
  2. Also, screw SEO. I’m also not including some tangentially related image in this post because I trust that you can read 400 words without needing a pretty picture to help you out. New rule: posts get pictures only when the pictures enhance the post.  ↩


  1. I agree with you. I stick to posting every Sunday but I don’t have a time slot. I skip that sometimes too. The thing is, bloggers are so busy in wanting to grow their audience that they gradually detach from the essence of writing itself.

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