Ian is Learning Baby Sign Language!

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My son, Ian, is just a day over 9 months old. Like his big sister, Ian will be taught some sign language as he grows up. No, he's not deaf; he's not hearing impaired in the least. Signing with infants in the months before they can talk is awesome.

Sign language is wonderful for relieving stress and anxiety due to lack of verbal communication skills in infants and toddlers. Even if the child doesn’t learn much more than “milk” and “more”, he’ll be able to communicate one of his basic needs.

We taught our daughter, Winter, sign language using the Signing Time DVD series and a few selections from My Baby Can Talk. In my opinion, although the My Baby Can Talk series is nice, it’s not as personable as the Signing Time series. Signing Time, created by and starring Rachel Coleman – along with her daughter Leah and nephew Alex – is a treat. The cast is friendly and energetic, and the kids are a joy to watch.

To kick off this series documenting Ian’s education in sign language, I’m putting up just a couple of photos. As he gets a little older and is able to start controlling his hands, I’ll be posting video. I want every parent who hears about baby sign language to see firsthand how effective it is and how beneficial it can be for kids with and without the ability to hear.

Ian watches Volume 4 of Signing Time

Ian watches Volume 4 of Signing Time

He loves that remote!

He loves that remote!

We don't normally sit him that close to the TV, of course… that was just for the picture!

Do you have any experience with baby sign language? I'd love to hear about it!


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