Good Writing vs. Poor Writing

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A good writer posts updates like this to Twitter:

Some people behave boorishly on our forums and then mention they're subscribers, as if that makes their behavior acceptable. It doesn't.Sat Jul 03 20:31:36 via Twitterrific

A poor writer would have phrased it:

Some people act like jackasses on our forums and then they're like, I'm a subscriber! like that makes a difference. lol. asshats.

Jason Snell is the editor for Macworld magazine, and a good writer. The internet has lowered the standards of communication; it's nothing new, but as more and more people participate online, it seeps into our culture. I'm fighting back. There's no better way than by making an effort in my own life and setting a good example.

I've never been that bad when it comes to abuse of the language, certainly never egregiously so. I'm making a commitment to higher standards, regardless. I don't want to be perceived as boorish by anyone.

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