Giving Up on Adobe Contribute

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contribute-ecto-icon.pngI've tried. I've really, really tried. I'm a big Adobe fan – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign… and I tried to use Contribute CS3. I tried for months. Here are the problems:

  1. Takes forever to load – longer than any other program on my MacBook Pro. I timed it at a minute and ten seconds, from launch to actually connecting to a blog.
  2. Can't edit a post's source code. I tried to work around this, but man, what a hassle. This is a no-brainer, Adobe. Give me access to my own source. There is absolutely no reason to make it inaccessible.
  3. Takes forever to switch from one blog to another. I can't explain why, and I don't even have a theory, but it takes 20 seconds to switch from editing one blog to another – without any drafts open.
  4. Takes forever to upload a draft. I tested a very short, all-text blog entry and it took Contribute just over 60 seconds to upload.
  5. And the worst thing of all? There is no real way to tell that the program is actually doing anything half the time. During the long startups, the long uploads… the program will just sit there for ten or fifteen seconds without a status bar.

So, what am I using to write this very blog entry?


It loads in under 5 seconds, I can edit my posts' source code, switching from editing one blog to another is instantaneous, uploading an entry takes less than 10 seconds, and it's responsive (and it tells me it's being responsive).

So long, Contribute. I can't say it was nice while it lasted, but maybe Adobe will make you a contender in version CS4.

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