FedEx: Ruining the Environment Three Calendars at a Time

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This is an update to my post from a week ago. It seems that FedEx, not content to simply take their time, has decided that the environment is disposable. Here's what I mean:


Now, I'm no expert, but it seems to me that flying—they couldn't possibly be driving this route… right? um… right???—from Dallas to Los Angeles to Denver to Albuquerque isn't the best way to get the package from Dallas to Albuquerque. For those unfamiliar with the terrain, allow me to present the map:


They went right past my house to get to L.A.! Look, I'm not the biggest environmentalist in the world. My head doesn't explode every time I see someone using a standard light bulb instead of one of the new compact fluorescents. This though—this is such a tremendous waste of fuel and such a stupid pollution contribution that I have to wonder who the hell is running things at FedEx. Dallas is a TEN HOUR DRIVE from Albuquerque. It's practically a straight shot!

All this for what?

A trio of random calendars that I bought for a couple of bucks from How ridiculous is that?

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