Earn a Million a Day! Guaranteed! OMG! SRSLY!!!

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It was one year ago that I launched what was to be my greatest online achievement: Earn a Million a Day. I remember that day well…

The setting was the annual ShareASale Think Tank event. I was there, as I am now, and I was thinking about how I could share my vast, vast knowledge with the world. I was thinking about the millions of dollars I earn every day and how I could show the no-talent, unskilled, idiot masses how to do the same. I wanted to “give back” to the community. That's how generous I am.

I decided to offer up my vast, vast knowledge to the world for the low price of… well, I don't want to spoil the surprise. Head over to Earn a Million a Day and learn how you too can be wealthy beyond your wildest imagination. Srsly. A million. Every day. Go. I can't be held responsible if you don't take it upon yourself to be awesome.

Earn a Million a Day!

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