LIT-229 Final Project

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LIT-229 Final Project

The Trickster Archetype


One of the most popular archetypes in myth is the trickster. Nearly every mythical tradition has a trickster, whether from European cultures or African, from North American or Asian. Tricksters span every era of human culture. Names like Loki, Hermes, and Anansi from myths of old and modern tricksters like Bugs Bunny and Superman’s foil, Mister Mxyzptlk, enjoy worldwide recognition. People love tricksters, and it is no wonder. They break the rules and engage in behavior we only wish we could. They are intelligent and resourceful, and they are often funny. In comparing and contrasting two trickster myths, the trickster archetype will prove to be recurrent in cultures the world over, sharing commonalities concerning their function, significance, and prevalence in modern media.

Grade: A

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