HIS-200 Final Project

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HIS-200 Final Project

Congress is Broken: The History and Effects of Filibusters


The United States Senate is broken. America has entered into an era of tribal extremism in its politics with neither side willing to compromise or work honorably with the opposition. Indeed, the parties have become so tribal that they see each other not as equals who disagree, but as real enemies to subjugate at all costs. The Senate filibuster enables minority rule, breaking the chamber. Without two fully functional houses, Congress cannot enact meaningful legislation. When Congress cannot pass legislation or do the work of the people of the United States, the fabric of the nation frays and falls apart. The filibuster is not the root cause of the current climate of extremism, but it is a weapon wielded now more than ever to grind the chamber to a halt. It was not meant to be this way.

Grade: A

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