On Charlottesville, Nazis, and Cowards

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As Sunday turns into Monday, the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia has died down. New violence awaits us in Seattle and other cities, but for now, there is a lull.

I spent the weekend posting thoughts about the situation on Twitter and Facebook, but those platforms are ethereal. This one, despite my obscurity, will last. So here, recorded in black and white, and in color, are my thoughts about recent events.

Fuck Nazis.

Give them no quarter. Allow them no safe spaces. These are the ideological successors of people that gassed 6 million Jews and other people during World War II. They don't get to exist here.

Also, fuck people that don't denounce Nazis. This should be the easiest hurdle anyone should ever have to clear. “Do you support Nazis?” “No.” “Okay, we're good.” And yet I have people in my life who say things like everyone just needs to calm down. There was violence from both sides. Can't we all just get along?

No. I'll refer to the earlier Fuck Nazis point. We cannot all just get along.

People who cannot, or will not, denounce Nazis are cowards and have no place in my life. I would hope they'd have no place in yours. If a person can't clear that super-small hurdle, what good are they? And speaking of people who won't denounce Nazis, Donald Trump, who is… the President of the United States? That can't be right. He is? Fuck. Well, okay. Donald Trump put out a statement “condemning” the violence in Charlottesville “on both sides”. Because our president couldn't being himself to denounce Nazis.

“Why?” you ask, already knowing the answer. Because the people in the protest—you know, the Nazis—were dressed just like him, and they were marching down the street saying Heil Trump. Because of course they were.

Our president is a coward. You have people in your life, as do I, who are cowards because they will not say something on their social media denouncing Nazis. Charlottesville is scarred. Seattle will be, too, soon. And more cities after that.

Say something. SAY SOMETHING. It doesn't have to be eloquent; just look at this fucking mess I've written here. Just say something. Not here—I'm closing comments on this. I'm not interested in high-fives from those that agree or death threats from anyone that doesn't. Say something on social media. Say something on your own website. Do it where it'll get some attention from even just a few people. It matters.

Fucking Nazis in America in 2017. They're not even wearing hoods.

You want definitive proof that Trump's presidency emboldened white racists in this country? They don't feel like they need to wear hoods anymore. Welcome to the future.

Say something.

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