Lies We All Accept

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Part of the premise of several things I post here is the realization that some people or companies are dishonest. Noting the dishonesty, be it here or at other blogs or publications, says to those people or companies, “Hey. We know what you’re doing. We’re not stupid.” Too often though, we are lied to and we accept the lie. Two …

It Pays to Discover! – sort of.

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Maybe you’ve seen the ads on TV or heard them on the radio or seen them in magazines. Discover Card would like you to know that you can earn 5% cash back in certain categories (currently, Restaurants) when you pay using your Discover card. Everything else, you earn 1% cash back. Coming up in July, it’s even better – the …

Angela Learns the Piano

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We have a piano in our apartment, an upright that’s been in Angela’s family for a time. While she can pick out a few tunes, Angela can’t really play – which is why I’ve been less than ecstatic that we’ve had to lug this thing everywhere we’ve moved in the past eight years. That’s about to change. I won a …

Site Design Update

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If something doesn’t look right, it’s probably because I’m upgrading Thesis. Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I’m going from 1.5.1 to 1.7, and that’s a huge leap in Thesis-terms.

30 Comics, 50 Cents Each = Win.

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I had $15.00 to spend at Things From Another World in the form of coupon codes, and after spending a good twenty minutes being very indecisive, I chose to do something completely out of character—I ordered from the grab bag. There are a few different grab bags to choose from, and each comic ordered is fifty cents. Shoppers can order …

Life is Short. Go See a Show.

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One of my favorite comedians, George Carlin, died last June at the age of 71. I can remember thinking to myself, on at least two occasions when he was playing in the town in which I was living, that I would see him another time. I put off going to the shows because money was tight, because I couldn’t find …