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New in the Library: Ocean Mist of the Mountain

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“What you have to understand is that fairies don’t want to hurt anyone.”

One fairy decides that might not be the best policy. New in the library is a short story, just over a thousand words, starring a fairy called Ocean Mist who lives on a mountain. This young fairy worries that she’ll lose her tree when the big folk get too near. She doesn’t want to lose her home, thank-you-very-much, and decides to take rather unfairy-like measures.

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I Have a Charming Way With Words

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I don’t know whether to laugh or scream. Laugh? I guess? I mean, I know I shouldn’t take it seriously. Right? I shouldn’t. I mean, I’ve been stalking this idea of being a novelist for oh, twenty-five years, and I shouldn’t take a fortune cookie seriously.

And yet.

Ignoring Blogging’s So-Called Experts

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Over the years I’ve read conflicting advice about running a website or blog. Some so-called gurus say that a blogger absolutely must post something no less than daily. Others maintain that three times per week is sufficient. A few will tell you that three times per day is the best way to go. I’ve read that a blogger must post …

Houston Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers Meetup – Third Meeting

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On the second Monday of every month, the Houston Science Fiction/Fantasy Writers Monthly Meetup takes place at Theo’s Restaurant on Westheimer downtown. Last night I had the supreme pleasure of attending my third meeting. I learned about the ten-year-old group during several of the writers’ panels at Comicpalooza back in May; many of the panelists are members of the group. …