There is Never Enough Time

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I’m trying to stick to a weekly schedule for updates here or else I wouldn’t bother. Today, it’s going to be very short. My grandmother, Felismina Roderick, died last night at the age of 85. Please, take care of yourself and your family, because there’s never enough time. Don’t take anything for granted.

Update: Working with Home Movies

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Well, I got it working! Since I put out my call for help, I’ve been spending some time trying out different programs that boasted the ability to rip chapters from unprotected (i.e. homemade) DVDs. Using the trial versions of the programs, I was able to rip anywhere from ten seconds to two minutes, put the clips into iMovie and iDVD …

Help! Working with Home Movies

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I’ve just spent half the day trying to find a solution to my problem, and wow, has it been confusing. What I want to do should be fairly simple – I think. Here’s the situation: We have a video camera that we use to record home movies. It records directly to mini DVDs, in standard DVD format. I’m on a …

Totems in Northwest Albuquerque

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Here in Albuquerque, on the southeast corner of Coors Blvd. and Montano, is a collection of carvings set amongst fields of sunflowers. It’s quite striking, really. I have three photos to share, and then… weirdness. I can’t really… well, you’ll see. Okay, now for the weirdness. It seems to be an explorer kinda guy from a distance. Once you get …