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What Makes Something a Prequel?

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PREQUELS SUCK. I mean, right? We can all agree on that. Take Star Wars. We all know that Episodes 1–3, the Prequels, are terrible. Just the worst. Because they’re prequels! And now that Episodes 7–9 are turning A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi into prequels, those movies change from being awesome to being terrible, too.

6 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die – Part 1

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[The 50’s] Louis Prima – The Wildest! I’ve never been a Jazz fan until hearing this record. Prima brings a joy, a sense of fun and humor to this disc that is simply infectious. It’s no wonder that every generation seems to discover it anew. Did you know David Lee Roth’s Just a Gigalo is a cover of a tune …

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Watchmen: I am Never Going to the Movies Again

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Never is a strong word. It’s easy to say that I’ll never go to the movies again after my experience this afternoon, but I’ll feel differently the next time an event film comes out. I’ll probably get sucked in again. This is about the movie, not the graphic novel from whence it came.

Lost in Translation -or- Japanese Cartoons Are Weird, Man

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We love to rent DVDs for our daughter at the local library. They’re free, they’re a good source of entertainment for a week or two, and did I mention they’re free? Last week, a DVD called Bottle Fairy was brought home. It’s a Japanese cartoon dubbed in English. Now, I could write about the show itself, the characters or the …