Angela Learns the Piano

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Learn and Master PianoWe have a piano in our apartment, an upright that's been in Angela's family for a time. While she can pick out a few tunes, Angela can't really play – which is why I've been less than ecstatic that we've had to lug this thing everywhere we've moved in the past eight years.

That's about to change.

I won a prize in a contest a couple of months ago, a course of my choice in the Learn and Master series from Legacy Learning. I decided that rather than get the guitar course (which I'd been eyeing but don't really have time for), I'd get the Learn and Master Piano course for Angela. In true Daniel-fashion, I've set up a website that both promotes the course and chronicles Angela learning to play the piano.

It's called, appropriately enough, Angela Learns Piano. It's young – so far, there's just a couple of very short interviews that I've conducted with her, but in time, we'll flesh it out with some audio and video. The process is fairly slow… finding time with her work schedule, a busy husband and two kids isn't easy for her, but I'll post about it here whenever something new goes up on the site.

Hope you like it.

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