Adobe Creative Suite 3

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So I just bought, downloaded and installed the new Contribute CS3 software from Adobe. It is, in fact, what I am using to create this blog post. So far, it's easy, intuitive, and it feels familiar somehow. Here's my problem:

What's up with the program icons for Creative Suite 3? You gotta be kidding me – this:

is really the best they could come up with for Contribute CS3? Adobe is one of the most creative companies on the planet, but apparently this is the best they could do. Check out the icons for some of the other programs in the suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver:

Stunning. Someone in the marketing department must've learned how to use adjustment layers with color overlays. The icons for Creative Suite and Creative Suite 2 were not very informative (what does a big feather have to do with Photoshop anyway?) but they were a far sight better than these. The new icons don't even make logical sense! Okay, “Ps” is Photoshop – but “Ai”? You guessed it, it's… er… I can only assume Adobe Illustrator. What does that make “Ct” then? I already told you it's the icon for the Contribute software, but Contribute is a single word and not broken up into a logical two letter abbreviation like Dreamweaver or Photoshop.

To summarize: the new icons for Creative Suite 3 suck. They're not creative at all, which is ironic given the products they represent. The lettering scheme is inconsistent. They're boring. They look like temporary icons that a company might use until the final icons were completed. It's a damn shame that's not the case.

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