A New Van Halen Tour – Does Anyone Care?

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A Van Halen tour with David Lee Roth as lead singer was announced last month and I can sum up my feelings about it thusly:


Does anyone still care about this band? To my mind, they've squandered any goodwill they might have once had with the public, and the attention they've been getting from the media over the past twelve years has been of the Lindsay Lohan variety: focus on anything but the reason they hit the big time in the first place.

I know, I know – there are diehard fans out there who will forgive the band members anything for a chance to see them play “Panama” with David Lee Roth at the microphone. It's a mentality that I simply don't understand. Do people really think that the old magic is going to be there?

Had this happened back in 1990, it would have been different – but Van Halen has been Roth-less for so damn long that I just don't think it matters anymore. People change. Bands evolve. It's not going to be like it was in 1978, people. Mark my words: tickets will be outrageously expensive, merchandising will be over-the-top, and the whole affair will self-destruct.

Do people really want to see Roth in those old spandex costumes? Does anyone really believe that 16-year-old Wolfgang Van Halen, Eddie's son, can fill the shoes of Michael Anthony? Doesn't that wreck the whole “it's the original line-up!” point of this reunion?

Call me pessimistic, but given that neither the band nor Roth has done anything musically noteworthy in over a decade smacks of a “we're doing it for the money” reunion – which I'm sure they'll make a ton of. At least when Sting and the Police reformed, it was honest.

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