IDS-404: Popular Culture at SNHU

IDS-404: Popular Culture at SNHU

I picked “Popular Culture” because I figured we’d get to talk about movies and TV and music. How hard could it be? I’ve been steeped in pop culture for 30 years.

Turns out, I was almost right.

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LIT-450 Seminar in American Literature at SNHU

LIT-450: Seminar in American Literature at SNHU

If my college education was a movie, ENG-359 would be the climax, and LIT-450 (plus the next two courses) would be the last 15 minutes of the film that tries to wrap up the loose ends (except my ending was 16 weeks long, so it was more like The Return of the King that way).

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ENG-359 Advanced Fiction Workshop at SNHU | Daniel M. Clark

ENG-359: Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop at SNHU

Everything led to this course. Every reason I had for going back to school brought me to this point. Sure, there are three more classes after this—two of them relevant to my major—but when you want to learn to be a better writer, you yearn for the workshops.

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