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What Makes Something a Prequel?

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PREQUELS SUCK. I mean, right? We can all agree on that. Take Star Wars. We all know that Episodes 1–3, the Prequels, are terrible. Just the worst. Because they’re prequels! And now that Episodes 7–9 are turning A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi into prequels, those movies change from being awesome to being terrible, too.

What Day is It?

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Boy, nothing like a hurricane to knock you off your momentum. I’m working up an article about prequels. It’ll be ready soon.

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Harvey, Part 2

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What you see in the picture is a side-by-side of the beginning of the water rise and the beginning of the work to remove the saturated carpet. We are safe, and did not have to evacuate.

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I try to write something for the blog mid-week but this week has been dominated by preparation for Hurricane Harvey. As I write this Saturday morning, it is looking more and more like we’ve dodged a few bullets here southeast of Houston.

On Charlottesville, Nazis, and Cowards

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I spent the weekend posting thoughts about the situation on Twitter and Facebook, but those platforms are ethereal. This one, despite my obscurity, will last. So here, recorded in black and white, and in color, are my thoughts about recent events.