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Three Weeks With the Fire HD 8 (7th Generation)

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As I’ve resolved to write more frequently, so have I resolved to read more frequently. And I’ve done something that only a few years ago, I would have sworn I’d never do: I bought a Kindle. That’s it, right there in the picture. I’ve owned it for nearly three weeks now. Specifically, it’s the Fire HD 8, which I understand is not technically a “Kindle”, but bear with me. I have my reasons.

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Neil Gaiman in Houston: He Speaks as Well as He Writes

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This is not a review. For one thing, I’m not a reviewer; I do not review things (at least, not well). For another, reviewers get their reviews out on the evening of an event or the day following. Neil Gaiman, in Houston, spoke to a crowd of 2,600 at the Brown Theater at the Wortham Center last Saturday, and today is not Sunday.

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Twitter Changed… I Just Don’t Know Exactly When

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I quit Twitter in 2013. Right around the same time that I stopped podcasting and blogging, I ditched the social network. I’d been using it almost religiously since May 2007. I had racked up more than 14,500 tweets. A couple of months ago, guilted into it by The Bossman, I started using it again. Only… something was different. Twitter changed when I wasn’t looking.

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I Have a Charming Way With Words

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I don’t know whether to laugh or scream. Laugh? I guess? I mean, I know I shouldn’t take it seriously. Right? I shouldn’t. I mean, I’ve been stalking this idea of being a novelist for oh, twenty-five years, and I shouldn’t take a fortune cookie seriously.

And yet.

Ignoring Blogging’s So-Called Experts

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Over the years I’ve read conflicting advice about running a website or blog. Some so-called gurus say that a blogger absolutely must post something no less than daily. Others maintain that three times per week is sufficient. A few will tell you that three times per day is the best way to go. I’ve read that a blogger must post …