• Daniel M. Clark, Author
  • Daniel M. Clark is a speculative fiction author and developmental editor.

    He has a charming way with words.

    He doesn't sing. That's the other guy.


Building readership, not burning bridges.
Your info is safe with me.


Untitled Halley Wingfield Novel - D1
Irene, Horseman of the Apocalypse (Pilot Ep.) - D1
The Last King of Avven (Novel) - D1

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What is Developmental Editing?

DevEd services will open to the public autumn 2021

  • Every good writer deserves to be backed by a good editor. 

    A developmental editor—DE—is concerned with the broad view. Most DEs, myself included, edit in Microsoft Word using comments in the margin. Together with an editorial letter (a separate document summarizing my suggestions), the edits strive to bring out the best in a manuscript while retaining the author’s unique voice and talent. 

    Rates and requirements for my developmental editing services will be announced near the end of summer.

  • B.A., English & Creative Writing