On Charlottesville, Nazis, and Cowards

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I spent the weekend posting thoughts about the situation on Twitter and Facebook, but those platforms are ethereal. This one, despite my obscurity, will last. So here, recorded in black and white, and in color, are my thoughts about recent events.

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New York City is Not for Me

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As I sat down to write this, my first inclination was to trash New York City. “I hate it here!” I’d say. Then I remembered that’s ridiculous. I’ve barely been out of Manhattan in the five or six times that I’ve been here for Affiliate Summit East (as I am now). Okay, then. “I hate Manhattan! I’m over it!” I’d say. Then I remembered that I’ve barely been out of Times Square, really.

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New in the Library: Ocean Mist of the Mountain

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“What you have to understand is that fairies don’t want to hurt anyone.”

One fairy decides that might not be the best policy. New in the library is a short story, just over a thousand words, starring a fairy called Ocean Mist who lives on a mountain. This young fairy worries that she’ll lose her tree when the big folk get too near. She doesn’t want to lose her home, thank-you-very-much, and decides to take rather unfairy-like measures.

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Three Weeks With the Fire HD 8 (7th Generation)

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As I’ve resolved to write more frequently, so have I resolved to read more frequently. And I’ve done something that only a few years ago, I would have sworn I’d never do: I bought a Kindle. That’s it, right there in the picture. I’ve owned it for nearly three weeks now. Specifically, it’s the Fire HD 8, which I understand is not technically a “Kindle”, but bear with me. I have my reasons.